What is whiteboard animation and Does is the future of whiteboard animation is Risky in 2021

What is whiteboard animation and Does is the future of whiteboard animation is Risky in 2021

What is whiteboard animation and Does is the future of whiteboard animation good that the people have question, and most of them that don’t know the use of animation and what is the white board animation so here we will discuss complete what is whiteboard animation as its future of white board animation in 2021.

What is whiteboard animation ?

many of you have in the question is what is whiteboard animation and does it a good things to become a expert and what is whiteboard animation expertise, the is a visualized a sketch based video which is not a image but animated character and images, the white board animation is done on white color background and the character can choose multicolor but it always a stroke (border) based character’s.

whiteboard animation is widely use for the youtubers for create there explained videos, because everyone know by the visualizing things the understanding get double and easily understand what the mentor want to say.

You have this question in mind what is whiteboard animation process of working, There is a process of whiteboard animation where the user draw and illustrated according to its script to explain the video, the use have to manage the time lapse also for this and draw according to its personal use, this can use by anyone for any use.

Usage of whiteboard animation

There are many use of whiteboard animation, we can use to create a presentation for collage and school students, this also in use for office plan explanation, and many more use as a professional and or personal use both can we admire.

There is most use of whiteboard animation in the YouTube vides, in this the video describe the background voice, and its a quite good we can user stand better with this I have listen this and much more understandable for student and users.

the white board animation also we can use to create the comic for children’s to say the stories of any type like horror, dramatic, cartons, marvels and etc., with this easily we can make the script and create a animated series.

How to create a whiteboard video, Process to create whiteboard animation

we can work in whiteboard animation in the three formats, means with a sequence as a professional way, without stuff, there are below three steps we can make a good animated series, with this we can make a proper script based story without stuff.

please read the steps and follow proper ways not according to your requirements because there is a system to create a story if you follow this in a proper way then you can easily create a story and videos.

  1. Per-Production
  2. Production
  3. Post-Production


first understand what is whiteboard animation use for pre-production, the starting and the preparation for the film or the series is called pre-production, the pre-production is very necessary for a series or video, as a script and the story and also best to create the storyboard also in the pre-production.

let’s start with pre-production, in this first, we have to create a story and idea that what do we want to show in the animated series, then after we have to think about the backgrounds, props we will use, the character design, and the scenes, poses, expression of character and more related to this.

In the pre-production we have to discuss all the things that we have to show in the videos and series, so first we have to discuss all things lets have some major points.

  1. idea
  2. script
  3. storyboarding
  4. background music
  5. background
  6. background props
  7. character’s
  8. costumes
  9. express character’s
  10. and proper seen arrangement’s on paper

this all are the major points so first prepare all this points on paper and move to next production.

Software’s use for Per-Production

there are many software’s are available for this you can use any one of that, but I am personal using the software’s are for script, I will use the word because the text matter the word file is the best.

the another we need is to create the story board, the story board is create in the illustrator or the photoshop in which we have many effects and proper color correction that we can use and create.


the production means the process of creating videos or scenes according to the script created, or the according to the story board as we created, in this we can make a systematic process to create a videos base, with the story boarding we know how much time have to give per seen.

Lets now move to production, the production means the shoot has started, means you are working on the series and videos, you are animating, the character, animating it on videos and background, means you are working to create a videos seen according to which you have written on the script.

the production is a live process according to the script that we have decided in the pre-production, but we have to take care of all the things also, like proper naming of every seen files, and also checked the file music is proper or not all this are very necessary points to check.

when the production is you fells it finish so start the cross check, because the checking is more necessary for all scenes according to your story boarding and the script.

Software’s use for Production

Now we are starting to create the videos and the series with effects so my softwares are two but some time i have to use three softwares.

after effects , primer pro, animate CC, this this three software’s are used for

Post – Production

post production is a last process of our story, the post pro duction means the final editing of the story and scenes arrangement’s, music’s arrangement’s, for according to story and the effects which we required according to it.

we have to use the story boarding with us and with that follow we will arrange the scenes because without this story boarding we will confuse which seen is the first and second, so we have to be take the proper understand of the scene.

post production is a very complicated things, because the editors have the knowledge also to use the proper effects and he should not to use many effects and the things are required on it

there are major factors of editing you should have to check

  1. scenes arrangements
  2. merge two scenes with some effects like opacity or slides
  3. arrange the audio according to video
  4. add some effects music where is required
  5. the most important is color correction also required good
  6. the video size should be good it can play on any devices with resolution (recommended size : 1920 X 1080 HD)
  7. when you export the format is MP4 not avi or any things because its take time

Software’s use for Post – Production

final editing we can use for primer pro

How to use whiteboard animation software

The whiteboard animation software’s are available in market, there are the various software’s which are avail to create a high quality videos and demo videos, you can use any of the software which are available in the market and you easily can access the software’s, because there are paid and the free version are available in market, that all depends on you which can you use.

First of all I recommended to use the free software instead of paid because first you have to learn the software’s and then you need more tools to enhance the skills.

With the free software you can do all the things, there are all tools are available in the free software’s also, but some free software’s can give the water mark but that not the problem, your focus needs to be create a good animated videos and that should be in the good quality.

The white board animation software’s is most of the valuable software’s you have to create a good videos with the free software’s because there are many things are available that makes to you to an amazing and a next level video animation.

When you have got to create a good animated vides then you can prefer the animation software’s licensed version if required then that not the things to create a simple videos.

is there any free whiteboard animation software

yes, there are many software’s that are to use and that are amazing, you can use the many things for free in the free versions of software’s, you can use but the free version it have some water mark, that things not Aviles in the paid version.

so my recommendation is to start with the free version because the free version have the lots for you to learn, because for the pearning purpose you can use the free version.

if you want to use the free versions you can search on google free whiteboard animation software’s, app and the website are available in the full page search result you can choose the free versions or the trail version are available.

what is the purpose of a whiteboard animation

whitebeard animation is mostly use for the explanation video’s and the demonstration for any services also, there are several ways that you can use the white board animation, for advertising, conceptual ideas, YouTube videos, short story, or animated web series, that’s all you may use in various requirements.

mostly you can start your own web series which you want to create a on a concept, and that be a great start for you if you think you are creative and you have to agility to create the seems like comedy, drama, or many things then you have a great future in this white board animation techniques.

what is whiteboard animation app

whiteboard animation apps are available in play store, that can be free and paid, you can use that also for creating the white board animation, see there is no a particular app or a single things which create the whiteboard animation, that you needs to know.

when you have to create the whiteboard animation video just you have to go and create, in which site you create or you use app that does not matter just the matter is how great you create you white board animation.

what is whiteboard animation course

There are many highly and medium paid courses are available to create the white board animation, and that is a great option to create the white board animation, and that be a great things, you can choose any of the best animation institute that teach you the animation, the animation have the various types that you will learn in the animation courses as a professional.

the choosing the professional courses that is the great option you can do, but there are many things that comes in the courses, in the professional courses you will the new technique for the white board animation.

The choosing the right whiteboard animation course that will be the great option to create and that’s is the best option to have to learn the animation.

what is whiteboard animation drawing

the whiteboard animation drawing is necessary without the drawing you will not become the expert of the white board animation, there are some plugin and the preset in the website or the apps but when you are choosing the professional software then you have to create drawing and learn also the best practice for drawing.

the drawing is the main thing that i think in the animation industries, the animation have a very important to who are learning that you have learn the drawing major concepts and a google skills for dawing so you have to know the drawing also.

i am still telling if you are the beginner in the whiteboard animation then you don’t have any requirement for the drawing but if you are going to be a expert in learning the animation so prefer to learn the basic to advanced drawing so it could help you lot, so at the begging you have to learn the factor of drawing.

But i recommended that the draw is should be know by every one, not only the animation, expect this the drawing helps in all the things, if you are doing the engineering and the architectures related work in this also the plan has to draw so for that the drawing also need so its a good thing every one has to learn the drawing in all field.

what is whiteboard animation for YouTube

The whiteboard animation is most treanding topic now a day, many of the youtuber has going to tech with this method and this method successfull also for learnning the new way of the visulization and thats amazingily i prefer as the previous said that the youtube or anythings is more understandale a audio to a visualize picture.

when the people visulize any thing they create a picuture in there mind with this they belive that we have live that seen and that condition what we are talking about and its a very easy to memorize esily so the best method is that you can learn with the visualizing.

now we are coming to the point that is a good things for YouTube and when you search any thing in that some 2-3 videos are the 2d animated or the whiteboard animation in the search result, and that we know how deep the people are creating in the whiteboard animation carrier

whiteboard animation game

ya how we forget the whiteboard animation game, didyou remember the sick man animation game, if you play in the childhoold that the amazing so we are talking about the white board animation game, there are many games are available related to the white board animation.

if you think a career in the white board animation game the yes there is now also a great scope also in the board animation, and i think why now it should a great career, there is .

we are talking about the stick man animation, the stick man animation is the most played games ever and that is now also a great demanding game ever, if you ask 10 people the most of the 9 know and played the stick man animation game so download it now and start playing.

whiteboard animation videos rank fast on YouTube

there are some question have related to this query so i am including this points also for the clarification that the user must know that the white board animation videos rank faster ?

so first we will start the base how to YouTube videos rank, does it required the videos in the whiteboard and the answer is No, there are the some algorithm based for the YouTube is the most viewable videos and a google tittle based seo remains the top on the search based result.

so the answer is no that if only you think that if you create the whiteboard animation then the video rank on the first or second on the YouTube then you are wrong , but if you create a good content with the white board animation the sure you will rank on the first search result.

so focus on the white board animation content that the viewers may like the most of the videos and they share also then surely the result get positive.

Does whiteboard animation good or bad

this is a very good question does the people have who are entering in this whiteboard animation, but who have already enter in the whiteboard animation and they knows that what is the answer so lets know about what does it really good or bad lets discuses.

there are many algorithms we can say that what is the issue for good or bad there are many circumstance’s for this, we will go to the direct point also in that we will work and understand what it means and what are the good and the bad advantages of this.

we are having some knowledge and we know that we can create that a good future, first how you will create a strong belief in this or anything that you want to create the future then you have to know about it as very much as required so first you do anything you have to know the proper knowledge on that field.

so coming to the is good for those who have to know animation and whiteboard animation, but who don’t know about the animation they have to learn that till the not knowing the things are bad for them.

so I not telling on these particular things I am telling you in all the conditions that you are working on each and everything is good but just you have to create a proper knowledge and good things with you so it would be good for you.

whiteboard animation job

the future is very bright who are expert in the animation and the whiteboard animation skills better knows they have really a great future and requirements, that be a great for the animation jobs,

I am personally telling you there are great job requirements for the animator, but then I have already told you that you have a good practice and the drawing skills must be needed for any type of animation skills based on 2d animation.

I personally recommend for the animation job you have the knowledge of basic software also like photoshop, illustrator, after effects, video editing primer pro and some more with this whiteboard animation then i am surly telling you will get a 6 digit paying jobs in the metro cities also.

so best of luck for your great job so word hard practice hard you will definitely get a good success related jobs in the white board animation.

whiteboard animation library

whiteboard animation library is the also a great option for creating the fastest animation series, with the presets and the plugin are amazing to create animation.

there are many softawares that provides the animation libary and that create a good visualize application, and that have a good opprtunity for all.

but…… but…….. but…….

never use thins presets or library if you are in the animation learning conditions, you do not have to use thing things if you make the habits to create this then you will not become the expert, if you really have the desire to create a future in this then you don’t have to use these things because when the interview happens and they see you preset portfolio then, they will not take 1 sec to reject you…

so, smart work is good but not all times, for creating a good portfolio you have a good and self-created profile so be serious in this matter so select and create a good portfolio for your job also with self animation trick, not the plugin or presets.

how to create a timeline in PowerPoint

whiteboard animation quality

the quality is also a very important in the animation for whiteboard animation, there are the severals animation things that you have take care, for create a animated video.

video quality and size

the video size should be HD and the HD size is 1080 X 1920 this is the universal size it can be played with any screen for a great resolution because this animation should not be pixelated and not be occurred it should be clean and most the attractive so use a great dimension

there are many things for the quality of videos we can define that’s all but the animation starting you have to take care for the size because you use some images and the props to create this so firstly you have the knowledge to know the best resolution and skills.

there are many resolutions that are available for the animation you can use without any doubt with the animation skills and that makes to create a good animation series and the whiteboard animation

Animation smoothness

the animation smoothness is very important for the animation creator, the animation creator have this thing in mind and the practice regarding this that the animations best quality is to create the animation in the best way and the smooth also that the most important things,

there is the animation bar graph that used and creates the animation in the curve motion and the smooth animation, the best animation expert is who can handle the animation curve that the most important thing for the animation.

so with the animation, you have the skills to create the smoothing skills for the animation, and you have understood that it a very important for the animation, how much you practice that the half time you should have to spend that time to create the smooth animation

whiteboard animation research

In the animation industries the most important thing that you create a good research file or the folder, for the animation they want the reference to create the animation, if the animation does not have any reference then how we will work so first of all we have to create good animation research that makes a good data of reference according to the script of the animation

there are many methods to create good research related to the script. in this you have to work in the sequence regarding any things with are you required, because the research is everywhere you need in the character eyes, noes, ears, lips, body, walking style, running style as you know and many more things you required in only the character.

so the next thing is if you have the character in the story’s it has the full family related to the character and that need to be the research and that the big task only t-not the single character needs the research but all the character also needs because each has to design and the animation according to the script required and that is most valuable things for hard work because the research is most important things to create.

that not research complete we have to reach the costumes also for the charecters and the main things the props if it wears because that take lots of time also, not till finish but it has the started of the research

next, we will come to the animation research that we have to also take care of the related background in the script that is required and that the major things that you to cover in this because the animation is not the pani puri ki bharo, dalo, or kha lo, its the animation, and the animation takes time than in return it gives the many things so be ready where you are starting the animation series

software is used for whiteboard animation

in this article i have mention many times if the many sftware that we useing it but the conditons dpends many time that what are the requirments for the scens that we want to crea in the animation series

so every time we will not create with the same software you have to use the different for all kinds of the working because there is no single things that you apply this is not the math’s that you will apply a single formula for the sun it a create mind game, you have to think that in which you can create the amazing videos as faster and quicker .

so I will tell you all the software again, after effects, photoshop, illustrator, Corel if you need this you can learn and use, the audio editing you need to have an audition, and the final cut pro editing you need the primer pro that are the main software that you needs most so you have to learn this and if you know then are the next one who crates a good career in the animation

i have tell you the uppers the site and the apps you can use to create the animation but you may understand is just for the basic for learning.

so, at last, i have mentioned all the doubts and clean all things but stll you have to question please mail or do comments i will sure give yo reply in min 12 hours so please stay connected if you like my post plese share it take lots of efforts to create.

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