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Vector vs Raster Graphics

Vector vs Raster Graphics
Vector vs Raster Graphics 

What is Vector ?

Vector contains the mathematical shapes , lines , circles, and etc objects which we are using in maths.

as for all this shapes are design in digitaly at vector software’s , like illustrator, in-design, corel draw and etc all software’s are a vector creator.

 the vector have a high quality in this we can stretch the design they will never pix-let is always be in high quality.
Vector vs Raster Graphics 



what is Raster ?  

Raster is also know as pixel. it a small square of 5*5 shape. its fill on whole image as different colors and shades and create a image 

the draw back of this raster is it will pixel when we stretch it out . it have a limited quality it only looks good at fixed rate of size if it goes ower it will start to get pixelet
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