Use Your Email Signature to Support a Good Cause

“Think of the environment before printing this email” – if your email signature reads like this, you may want to try something different that will actually help someone in some part of the world.

Simply sign-up with Reply for All  and choose the cause you want to support – it could be Cancer cure, AIDS prevention, animal rights, children’s rights, global warming, clean water, poverty or education.

When you send an email using Gmail or Yahoo! Mail, Reply For All will automatically embed a signature into your message – the sponsor will pay the Reply For All service and that payment will be shared with the cause you may have selected.

The signature is optional so if you don’t like a particular banner in the email, you can easily delete it from your email message just like normal text.

The downside – while you can add signatures in Gmail with a simple drag-n-drop, Reply For All would require you to install a Firefox plugin.

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