Search for a Life Partner Who Looks Like Your Favorite Actor or Actress

Looking to marry someone who resembles your favorite movie star or your school time friend? Read this.

In a move that could stir up some controversy, Bharat Matrimony, one of most popular matrimonial website in India, has launched a facial recognition feature to help you search for a potential life partner who looks similar to your favorite film actor or actress.

You can either limit your partner search to a selected set of Bollywood actors and actresses or you may even upload someone else’s photo and the “facial search” feature promises to help find other profiles in the matrimony database that match the face in the picture.

As a test, I uploaded my own picture and the matrimony portal did show up tons of results though I am not too sure how many of these pictures resemble my face except that they all have moustaches.

That may not be a great example so I conducted another search for female profiles that resemble Katrina Kaif and frankly speaking, none of the results even remotely resemble the Bollywood diva. Maybe the facial search feature just another attempt by the portal to generate buzz but the results are definitely lacking.

This new facial recognition feature in a matrimonial database could also become a privacy nightmare because, if it works as advertised, it would let people locate any random person that they have a picture of, and get personal details about them.

It is unclear if members are opted-in by default, and whether there is a way to keep your photo out of facial search.

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