RichCopy: The Only File Copying Utility You’ll Ever Need

RichCopy is a visual file copying utility that helps you copy or move files at a much faster rate. It has existed since the days of Windows 95 but (unless you’re working at Microsoft) you may have never heard of RichCopy before as it was an internal tool not for public use.

Microsoft has now removed those restrictions and released RichCopy as a public download though the associated license agreement (EULA) is outdated and still refers to RichCopy as an “internal tool”.

RichCopy – A Better File Copying Tool

There are several reasons why you may want to use RichCopy for file copying operations on your Windows computer. First, it can copy files from multiple places (or folders) into a single location. You don’t have to run multiple copy processes for consolidating files (like music, photos, etc.) that may be spread across different directories.

And unlike the default copy process in Windows that copies files in sequence one after another, RichCopy can copy multiple files in parallel thus speeding the process.

RichCopy is especially useful when copying a large number of files or for moving big files – the tool lets you pause and resume file copy operations so if something bad happens, like a dropped network connection, you don’t have start the copy process all over again.

There’s something for geeks as well who use XCOPY on the command line. RichCopy is not just faster than XCOPY but all features available in the GUI version of RichCopy can be used from command line as well.

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