Paytm ka atm what it is and how to get it ?

Paytm ka atm is easy to get Visit the nearest Paytm Ka ATM with your Aadhaar Card and our agent will facilitate your KYC.

Complete your KYC with documents to open your Savings account with atm and to access Paytm Wallet. Our onboarding process is very fast and simple way.

paytm ka atm

You can use this ATM card to purchase offline and online process it easy to use like a normal ATM.

You can swipe this atm in anywhere in hotels, bars, shops, mall and petrol pump.

There are several features to get with this it have some cashback and also a interest getting on saving.

you can get this with easy process or just go to atm app you can get in from there also just apply the paytm bank and debit card

Can I use Paytm debit card in any ATM?

There are many types of atm where you can use in India on any amt mostly it have rare which not support.

mostly all bank atm supports the paytm debit card feature and all online and offline shops also.

you can easily use this paytm debit card in any bank and transfer money, withdraw the money and all things.

Is Paytm cash withdrawal free?

while creating the debit card it have the charges but after it is free to use, and i think it have 3 transaction free.

i will update the later that it support the more that free transaction 3 in a month.

because most of the bank only give three transaction free in a month after that it get charges 20-40 for each transaction.

How many ATM transactions are free in Paytm?

The paytm ATM have the first 3 transaction free in a month, and after that it get some charges 20-40 per transaction.

The paytm ATM have the yearly charges also for PAYTM AMT it cost approximately now 300 it may be more or less after some time.

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