Our Top 9 Blog Niches For 2020 (And What Makes Them So Awesome)

Our Top 9 Blog Niches For 2020 (And What Makes Them So Awesome)

A blog would do as well I think you could totally clean out with a YouTube channel alright mine is roof rack tent camping so this is definitely something on the upswing these are tents that go on top of your roof rack there views are really light on these things and so if you just go to the displays and stuff .
Our Top 9 Blog Niches For 2020 (And What Makes Them So Awesome)

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hey everybody ! 
A blog would do as well I think you could totally clean out with a YouTube channel alright mine is roof rack tent camping so this is definitely something on the upswing these are tents that go on top of your roof rack there views are really light on these things and so if you just go to the displays and stuff and get a bunch of b-roll and pictures of them even in the store like you can see how it is and how it sets upend stuff because they cost a couple thousand and nobody has that like hands-on comparison between a bunch of different ones right and so I feel like you could stand out really easy without buying anything and still be authentic because you can actually go try and demonstrate it and stuff and I think that’s what’s super exciting is like you can go to stores you can go to any like shows and stuff where I mean they’re just goanna lay out.

 a whole bunch of these for you and you can just go and get a whole bunch of footage yeah the next day good points got to do really really well so I think this could work on on a blog or YouTube and affiliate and Legion is kind of the obvious play here right but also you have all the other camping accessories that would kind of go with somebody that’s doing that style of camping absolutely the By water before I’ll go first this time I chose smoking meat I was worth watching Parks and Rec and Ron Swanson just got me excited about meat laughing so you know triggers are super popular at least in the United States right now and I looked at the competition its anemic I looked at like I just came up with some ideas just to see what the competition was and so I looked at what type of wood should I use for smoking a turkey and there was like one article and a bunch of forums and stuff on there and I thought man how many people just search that over Thanks giving and that was the result that’s a pretty cool sign plus you know have those reviews of several of them think about this you’re goanna have to explain to your wife why you have to buy five smokers this is awesome I don’t know why you’re going to have to test five smokers at the same time better try some ribs got to know how Turkey does it all of them and ribs and brisket and people would totally buy them online nobody spices.

online recipes all kinds of stuff it’ll do well with ads yeah the next one for me number four was off-roading and really you could make a whole website about any specific aspect of awkward off-roading people making modifications to jeeps I mean that alone is an industry that people get together around in Moab Utah there’s like a convention of people that go off-roading on jeeps like any time that there’s a tribe of people you can make a site about it I think a whole aside about off-roading in general could do really well too so you can go either direction there are a ton of modifications that have expensive products oh yeah I don’t remember how much but my brother-in-law just put tracks treads on his Jeep those were pricey but man he can drive that thing through the snow all over the place now so it’s awesome that’s wrong tons of mods tons of accessories whether you’re going from you.

 know their bikes all the way up through actual like vehicles so that’s also you know you could make cyber truck out of one so who knows maybe may be number two you want to go first this time number two or three it’s counting it’s notes strong suit my number three was scuba and the reason for this is it’s it’s hobby right that first of all is notional be at all why I’m wale right but it’s one that people really get into and it’s kind of pricey right you travel allover the place so there’s a ton of information to share and it would be hard to to be like too competitive right because there’s so many possible searches like you know places to go in Tahiti places to go in I mean there’s just millions of different places and while you would rent the tanks usually there’s still wetsuits fins masks dive watches a lot that you advise and I think it’s goanna do pretty well with advertising and so as a passive site you could do really well especially if this is something you’re- if it’s something that you are really into you could take it a step further and make this a really awesome site with potentially some info products on like how to like or like putting together awhile trip package for somebody right I want to go to Tahiti to scuba dive like this is the guy that’s goanna take you out and take you to the coolest places and by the way he’s a local and doesn’t do this.

Our Top 9 Blog Niches For 2020 (And What Makes Them So Awesome)
The whole time so he’s goanna be way cheaper whatever put together an awesome trip package that’s goanna save people a thousand bucks it’ll pay you a hundred bucks for that cool my number three is portable solar power these are so cool so this is just it’s like just hitting its stride it’s just like in the last year they’ve really started to become popular so a lot of people use this people use it who are you know using tools on-site campers use this I’m buying one now for my RV it’s just a huge power bank and you can power everything a microwave AC major power tools a full-size fridge for a long time and then you can plug in solar panels to them so they last even longer they cost about a thousand bucks there’s some popular ones coming online like Titanic but there are very few reviews cubit’s new but new things are scary because it’s you know can be a gimmick kind of a short-lived thing I don’t think anybody’s goanna say that solar battery and solar powers in it they’re only getting better and better year swell that’s.

The thing is like it’s part of a bigger trend right so even though like solar power banks for campers and stuff is new it’s part of that broader trend that’s not going anywhere yeah so I think that one could you could just slay it’s just a perfect affiliate recipe alright now number two go for it okay number two 3d printing I brought my kids a 3d printer and oh my goodness I felt like an idiot the whole time I was searching for it because I didn’t understand what people were talking about trying to read the reviews didn’t like really want to get into it I just wanted to know which one to buy and I want to just know how to use it to print some stuff with my kids right I didn’t want to like become an enthusiast and so all of the channels were saying stuff I didn’t understand anyway and so I think there’s a ton of awesome content that could be put out with the beginner in mind they can just explain things simply for simple minds of just how to use it and now we have arson.

 I can’t figure out how to use the darn thing well and I think that that’s a super important point in virtually any niche that you’re going into is most people ignore the beginner and most people ignore the person that is you they want to learn about it but they don’t want to become an expert they’re not going to become the serious enthusiasts those people get ignored all the time and that’s where there’s huge opportunity my number two is grant-writingknow right here’s why and here’s why this is exciting to me while it’s fairly small audience the competition for that is pretty slim and it’s going to be more again more technical right they’re goanna they’re goanna go into stuff it’s like okay I I maybe not goanna write like grants for my living I just need a grant and because there’s a lot of money at stake right I need a grant Indeedto know how to do this right so if can a lot of money at stake means consulting that’s what I was just thinking like could you make it could you make a course that outlines or could you give people an outline for how to write a good grant review Perazabut then yeah exactly then take it step further and it’s like yeah let me review your written grant or let me consult with you it’s a little bit less passive but man there could be a lot of money in that and you could really help people that have something that they need grant money for especially if this is an area where you have experience if you don’t just steer clear of this,

 it’s probably not going to be exciting for you and you’re not goanna have the knowledge you need it is going to be somewhat well quite a bit why I’m well to some extent and so if you have expertise in this I think you really could make a lot of money that’s a good one all right our number one I’ll go first test prep number one test prep science was singing like you know you ‘retaking the LSAT the MCAT huh TOEFL tests these are standardized tasks right really any standardized test email yeah any of those oh my gosh the MCAT that that there’s so many of them yeah well why’d you pick it well it’s something that people are willing to spend so much on yeah and it’s so important to their career and most people are looking for an outside resource you know you don’t go to law school and spend 150 grand over three-year and then be like nah I’m goanna save a hundred bucks I don’t know I don’t really need to pass the bar which says that right well in trying to get into a good school you’re like wow you know like this could determine my career path which school I go to could determine my career path yeah the network and stuff and so you know what yeah,

 I don’t really need to prepare that much for the for the GMAT right to get into a good business school yeah people pay $1,000 for a course from Kaplan for these kinds of tests and they’re usually fairly low competition as far as you know on YouTube content etc. because there’s just very few people who fit that mold you know somebody who has passed the bar for lawyers and Florida and is now goanna make a bar prep class for Florida on YouTube you’re just not goanna find a lot of competition and I think that’s a good point is like for most people it’s goanna make sense to focus on probably one test because I mean if you’re a lawyer you might talk about the LSAT and the bar but you’reprobably only goanna probably about one state you know if you went to business school you and you took the GMAT that’s probably the last standardized test you’ll ever take so yeah there’s a lot there’s so many places you can go with this people are willing to spend it’s just a perfect recipe for info product so high five on number one we were right alright we did a comment contest in 2019just everyone who left a comment on any video in 2019name just might be in one of these three envelopes and I hope you live 

Our Top 9 Blog Niches For 2020 (And What Makes Them So Awesome)

in New Zealand because so we are either goon ago visit you or we’re going to pay for you to come visit us and we’re just going to work with you for a weekend on your site and get it up to speed and get things going for you we did one last year out with Carl and it was super fun so care to do the honors the winner is Dan Chad Dee says he just joined the course if he loves it so he’s a network brother Dan Chad what Dan says oh email us at prize at income school calm and we will get you going up by the way every time we done of these contests forget about five emails from the person claiming to be them and so we are going to verify Freddie why don’t you give us the list of who has won a free bowl of Thai curry yes our three winners Stephen Cruz cosmic rhythm productions and daydream into reality there you go again email us at prize at income school calm we are going to verify that it’s you even though this one’s just a bowl of Thai curry but still we’re kind of into that whole verification we verify everything see you guys

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