Measure the Air and Road Distance Between Cities with Bing Maps

Most web based planning applications have an inherent distance mini-computer to assist you with estimating the street distance between any two urban communities or any two focuses inside a city. Google Maps even has an exceptional distance estimation instrument (impaired of course) that you may utilize compute the briefest course (straight from one point to the other) between any two focuses on Earth.

Calculate Distances with Bing Maps

There’s another distance mini-computer remembered for Bing Maps too yet it’s a little unique and most likely a smidgen more helpful than what you have in Google Maps. To begin, go to and select the “Distance Calculator” application.

You can either drag the banner to the beginning location, or for more precise outcomes, search the specific area prior to adding it the guide. Presently drag another banner to the objective location and Bing will quickly ascertain the street distance just as the flight distance between the two focuses.

The plane symbol speaks to the most limited air distance between the areas while the transport and vehicle symbol give a rough thought of the street distance. You can keep adding quite a few focuses to your course and the all out driving distance will consequently get refreshed.

To find out additional, watch this speedy video demo of the distance adding machine application of Bing. The device should come convenient on the off chance that you are interested to know the number of continuous flier air miles will you procure in your next excursion that traverses various urban communities.

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