Maya Dynamic Bullet Rigid and Soft Body Dynamics maya Bullet

Maya_Dynamic Bullet Rigid and Soft Body Dynamics maya Bullet Plug_in

The Bullet physics engine helps you to produce large-scale, highly-realistic dynamic and kinematic simulations.

 you’ll use Bullet to form content for rendered animations for film and visualizationfurther as for the setup of game engine and period simulations.

The Bullet plug-in provides seamless mapping of Bullet objects to Maya objects.
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 The controls to the Bullet objects square measure exposed in Maya Objects, and also the interaction follows the everyday Maya dynamics paradigm. 

Bullet Physics is AN ASCII text file collision detection, rigid body and soft body dynamics library. 

The library provides a group of objects every adore the varied aspects of dynamic simulationsas an example, the Bullet problem solver, rigid bodies, soft bodies and constraints square measure all distinctive Bullet objects.


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