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One night after spending hours in our local club and consuming large amounts of alcohol me and a few of my friends were on the way to a well know fast food chain outlet to get some food. At the doors we were stopped by a homeless guy asking us to donate him some money in order for him to get some food. Being nicely happy we decided to get him some ourselves.

After spending, what seemed like hours in the queue we slowly walked back to the door only to discover that one of my burger buns was not there. Obviously I have decided to go back and complain. Surprisingly a nice lady at the counter did not even ask any questions. She was very apologetic and on top of that I got given 6 chocolate doughnuts as compensation.

On the way out I have discovered a bun lying on the floor next to the door. It turned out that when I was carrying my food I have managed to lose the top bit of my burger. So it was not kitchen staff’s fault at the end. Nevertheless we walked out to get some fresh air and eat our food.

Outside there was the same homeless guy asking more people to sponsor his meal. He was probably even less sober than us because he came up to me for the second time with the same food request. Since I now had extra doughnuts I decided to give him the whole lot of 6 as well as the chips we got him. It does feel good helping someone less fortunate than you.

The homeless guy took the food, had a little sniff and binned the whole lot straight away. While me and my friends were standing there stunned by his audacious behaviour he turned around and went off to ask more people for money. I guess he was not hungry after all…

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