Celebrity Autographs – Spotting the Frauds

Celebrity autographs are not only fun to collect but they can also serve as great investments to add to any portfolio. There are a several things to keep in mind when purchasing celebrity autographs to be sure you are investing in authentic autographs.

Recognizing fake autographs is almost a black art. Spotting them can be difficult when celebrities change their signatures on a regular basis. Some simple approaches include the basics such as spelling. Often, the imposters will incorrectly spell celebrity names and these are easy to spot. Also check for age of material. For example, if the celebrity is relatively old and they have laser printed photos floating around the web, with their so-called signature, you know these are fake as laser photos did not exist when they were alive.

It is a good idea to also remember that there are celebrity autographs often referred to as “secretarials”, meaning that they are autographs signed by their assistants. These types of signatures are also often printed in bulk on 8×10 photos and are not worth the paper they are printed on. Spotting these frauds is important since you do not want to waste not only your time, but your money in what turns out to be a worthless investment.

If you are looking to make a profit from your celebrity autograph collection, consider how the celebrity lived their life. For example, James Dean not only died at a young age, but he is known to have led a controversial lifestyle. The age that the celebrity passed away can play a significant part in how much their autograph is worth. Imagine celebrity autographs from such public figures as Bruce Lee or Marilyn Monroe. These types of autographs can garner you a hefty profit quickly.

More up to date celebrities can also turn a quick profit if the celebrity has been in or continues to be headline makers. Think along the lines of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. Sports celebrities are no different. In their case, famous athletes like David Beckham who is not only a great athlete, but a well known sex symbol, should be a good investment when you are actively seeking autographs.

Just remember to play it smart and think twice about fraudulent celebrity autographs before plunking down your cash. Use common sense methods to spot the frauds and you can begin building a great portfolio.






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