Big Brother 7 – Week Two

The Big Brother house is always unpredictable during its lengthy run and the most dangerous thing punters can do is try and pre-empt who will be up for eviction before the nominations are announced and then bet accordingly.

This very occurrence took place this week, with Grace Adams-Short seemingly in the firing line. Grace had been seen all week seemingly picking on Nikki and bitching about her behind her back and also bed-hopping between Mikey and George, before the latter left the house on his own accord.

Also, being a female in the house is usually bad news as far as eviction survival is concerned because should they go head to head with a male house member, they are usually voted out by the public, very often by a large percentage.

On the betting exchanges, Grace was trading at around 6/10 and had been as low as 1/2, making her the firm favourite to be the second person evicted from the house, but this all changed on Tuesday when it came to nominations.

Grace received just two nominations, one unsurprisingly from Nikki and the other from Glyn, who was sick of her talking about herself non-stop. Two nominations were not enough to put formerly odds-on Grace up for the public vote as Richard received four and Lea and Sezer received three each, putting the trio up for eviction instead.

Sezer, following a fortnight of arrogant behaviour, vowing to bully new housemates Aisleyne and Sam and having a dramatic fall-out with Richard midweek and reducing him to tears seems to have sealed his fate. He instantly became the favourite to face eviction and traded as low as 1/33 (Bet3on Friday from a high of 1/5 following the announcement of the trio up for eviction. Some lucky punter had backed Sezer at a high of 29/1 earlier on in the week while the lemmings jumped on the Grace bandwagon.

Sezer is the overwhelming favourite to leave but there could be a final twist in this tale. He could survive at the expense of Lea, who was booed considerably upon her entrance into the Big Brother house for having, as she put it, blonde hair and big boobs . As we established earlier, women up for eviction in the Big Brother house are in a rather precarious position.

Value hunters could be onto a winner if they back Lea at more tempting odds of 18/1 while Richard looks safe and should not be supported at comparatively massive odds of around 25/1.

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