Big Brother 7 – Meet The Contestants – Part Two

The seventh series of reality TV show Big Brother opened to a record television audience of 8.1 million on 18 May and placed 14 contestants in the goldfish bowl environment for 13 weeks, the longest stint ever.

Here are the remaining three women people brave enough, or stupid enough, to go under televised scrutiny and have their past dredged up in the gutter press for the next three and a half months.

Age: 38. From: Birmingham. Occupation: Exercise Scientist.
Dawn is single and loves her own company, claiming “I was born alone and will die alone”. She doesn’t drink alcohol and has never been drunk, doesn’t eat meat and describes herself as a “pensioner in a young person’s body”. When asked why she wanted to participate on Big Brother she answered: “So many people are addicted to reality TV that it has been such a source of interest. It’s the only thing people talk about across the age range. It’s a massive challenge and I want to raise my profile in my field”. If she was reincarnated, she would like to come back as Jesus or Hitler because “the very good and the very bad fascinate me”.

Age: 20. From: London. Occupation: Dance Teacher.
Grace is single and lives in a £340,000 flat in Notting Hill bought by her mother. She “supports herself” by teaching dance classes. She loves designer clothes, reading glossy magazines and drinking champagne at some of London’s most exclusive clubs. Grace gives herself an 8/10 for attractiveness (“with make-up on”) and would be insulted if anyone compared her to a bimbo or glamour girl. When asked why she wanted to be on Big Brother she replied: “For the laugh and the fame would be nice”. As a child she was sent to army camp for discipline, but ended up loving it so much she went back each year.

Age: 23. From: Llanelli. Occupation: Bar Hostess.
Imogen is single and lives and works in London. She combines brains and beauty by holding a degree in Health Studies and was crowned Miss Wales in 2003. When asked the question “why Big Brother?”, she replied: “I want the opportunity to show the nation what I’m like. I want to be free from the outside world and that would be great as I would have no worries”. She claims to have once spent over £1,000 on underwear in one shopping spree and describes her most outrageous experience as dressing up as a playboy bunny at her own party, but getting so drunk she passed out and missed all the fun.

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