How to Use Multiple Email Templates for Separate Mail Merge Campaigns

Elanah composes: I have an enormous gathering of individuals to email and I need various gatherings to get various messages. Would i be able to set up a mail combine so that a few people get a particular email?

Indeed, it is conceivable to utilize distinctive email formats with various individuals in Mail Merge. You’ll, in any case, need to part your converge across various Google Spreadsheets.

Stage 1: Go to Gmail and make numerous drafts that will be utilized as formats for combine.

Stage 2: Open another Google Spreadsheet, make the mail combine format and indicate the rundown of email beneficiaries.

Stage 3. Set the Mail Merge status section as SKIP against all columns that ought not get the email for format A.

Stage 4. Go to Configure Mail combine, select the Gmail format An and play out the consolidation.

Stage 5. After the consolidation has been finished, clear the Mail Merge status for columns that ought to get messages for format B. Rehash Step #4 and pick the Gmail layout B.

Sending Different Templates for Scheduled Emails

On the off chance that you are booking messages and not sending them all in a solitary clump, you would have to make different Google Spreadsheet and arrangement email converges inside these sheets. Every bookkeeping page ought to be for a solitary Gmail format.

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