How to Send Multiple Email Campaigns from a Google Sheet

With Mail Merge for Gmail, you can send email crusades from a Google Sheet. Simply add the email locations of beneficiaries in the sheet, pick a current draft from Gmail and hit send. Mail Merge will send individual customized messages to every beneficiary.

You can likewise send numerous email crusades with one Google Sheet utilizing Mail Merge. For example, in the event that you send an email to a gathering of individuals saying “We will dispatch our item”, you can send another email to similar arrangement of individuals saying “We have dispatched the items”.

The messages will go out as two separate email message by means of Mail Merge. Here’s the means by which you do it.

Send First Campaign

Make a Gmail Draft with the subject “We are dispatching the item” and utilize this draft as a format in converge for sending the messages. You can watch the mail combine instructional exercise for guidelines on the most proficient method to perform blend.

Send another mission, hardly any days after the fact

Make another Gmail Draft with the subject “We dispatched the item”. Open a similar Mail consolidate Google Sheet and clear the Mail Merge Status segment. At the point when the main mission was sent, Mail Merge will set the status as “EMAIL SENT” for all the columns.

On the off chance that you run Merge again with the new Gmail Draft, no messages will be sent as the segment is set to EMAIL SENT. Select all the lines of the section (from line #2) and press erase to clear the segment.

Presently run converge with the new Gmail draft and the new email mission will be conveyed to similar sent of beneficiaries as new messages.

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