How to Open Embedded Google Maps in Full View

Here’s an old Google Maps trick that some of you may know already but I just discovered it via an accidental click.

So what you see below is not a static screenshot image but a live & interactive Google Map that lets you zoom, pan, switch modes from satellite to terrain and so on.,-73.994272&spn=0.005692,0.011373&z=16&output=embed

There are some limitations though with embedded Google maps. For instance, you can’t share the link of an embedded Google map via email nor can you find the location shown in the embedded space, they don’t support driving directions and their size is often too small to look good in print.

To overcome all such limitations, you need to open this embedded map into the main Google Maps website and this can be done very easily by simple clicking the “Powered by Google” logo at the bottom left corner.

Now you have the same map but inside the full-featured Google Maps website that supports print, email sharing, driving directions and all other features. You can also use the URL of this Google Map to determine the latitude and longitude of that embedded location.

This is much like clicking any image frame of an embedded YouTube clip – it will take you automatically to actual video on the main YouTube website.

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