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How to move Steam games to another drive without reinstalling

How to move Steam games to another drive without reinstalling
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Here’s how to move Steam games to another drive without reinstalling it. This way you can easily move the location of the game installation file from C to D or vice versa (from D to C) and without having to reinstall from scratch. With this, we no longer need to download games from scratch, save time and save the bandwidth, of course.

By default, the Steam game that is installed will be saved on the C local disk just like any other program with the default location setting. However, today’s games generally have a large size, up to tens or even hundreds of GB. That way the location for storing the game files must be large too.

On the other hand, the drive or program storage location (C) is usually much smaller than the common file location (D). There must be a time, you want to move the game file storage location so that it doesn’t fill up drive C.

Or vice versa, you usually save game installations on Local Disk D, and you have the fortune to upgrade your hard drive / SSD, so you can also move the game storage location back from D to C. The method is the same and it’s also easy. Please follow the tutorial or the steps below.

How to move Steam games to another drive without reinstalling

  1. Open the Steam application on the PC
  2. Go to menu >LIBRARY then select >COLLECTIONS. A list of games you own will appear
  3. Please> Right-click on one of the games you want to move the installation folder to then select >Properties. The game settings popup window will appear
  4. In the game settings window, please open the menu >LOCAL FILES then click menu >Move install folder. A new window will appear.
  5. Please select the drive location that you want to use as a storage area for new games. Usually, the new location will automatically appear in the main choice. So if you previously installed on Local Disk C (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam), then the menu will appear Local Disk D (D:\ Games\SteamLibrary) as a new storage area, or vice versa.
  6. If you have selected a new storage location, please click the button >MOVE FOLDER. The process of moving all game folders and files will start immediately, the process is quite long, just wait until it’s finished.
  7. Done. When the file transfer process is complete, the settings window will close automatically. Please check from the folder explorer and make sure that the game location has moved storage.

Considerations for choosing a game save location

In addition to dividing the storage location so that it isn’t full on one drive, the storage location also affects the gaming experience, especially if you use an SSD as one of the drives.

As we know that games stored on SSD, will be much more responsive and faster in terms of loading games. With faster loading, the gaming experience will also be more fun.

In addition, also see what games you often play online, if you want it to be smoother when playing online games, try to keep the game storage location on local disk C for a faster loading process.

Hopefully, this information on how to move Steam games to another drive without reinstalling is helpful. If you have questions, please save them in the comments column below. Remain a wise user! #beWiseUser.

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