How to Make $100 Per Day Using Free Google Images

 do you want to make money online by using free Google images? If you answered yes, you’ll enjoy this article. There are numerous ways to make money online, but each requires a unique set of skills. The trick I’m about to show you today requires no skills or experience, but it can earn you $100 per day.

To begin earning money from Google images, first, go to Google and search for any keyword, for example, “Penguin Lovers,” and then click on the image tab.

When downloading an image, make sure it has a creative commons license so that you can use it without worrying about copyright issues. Remember that you can search for anything, such as cute cats, beautiful cars, mobile homes, and so on.

Let me walk you through the steps without wasting your valuable time.

Step #1. Create an Account

Go to a website called UP-LOAD and create an account. After you have input all your registration details, make sure to choose the right payment method so that you can get paid. Their payment methods include Paypal, Payeer, Webmoney, Bitcoin, and Payoneer so make sure to choose the right type of your choice.

Image screenshot by the author

Step #2. Set up your account

When you finish the registration process, you will be redirected to your account overview section by default.

Now, in the left sidebar, below the Account settings, click the Configuration button to confirm your payment details and set profit mode to PPD 100 percent.

So, now that we’ve completed the basic setup of our account, we’re ready to start earning money by uploading files to our account.

Image screenshot by the author

Step #3. Start Earning Money by Uploading Images

Now we’ll upload the images that we previously downloaded from Google to our account.

To upload an image, navigate to the UPLOAD FILES tab in the top menu and select the images you want to upload. Then click the Start Uploading button. Once your image has been uploaded, you are ready to begin earning money.

Some Key Takeaway

Now, to profit from our uploaded images, we must optimize them and set a price for them.

To do so, navigate to the MY FILES tab in the top menu; here you’ll find all of your uploaded files.

Now, choose the file you just uploaded or the one you want to optimize and click the edit file button.

Give your image a proper name and write down the image description to make it appear in searches.

Now that our image has been SEO-optimized, let’s add the price. You can add a price to your image based on your preferences.

We will be paid whenever someone downloads our image.

I hope that this article will assist you in earning money online for free using Google images without any skills or experience.

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