How to Link to a Specific Slide on Google Slides Presentation

You have uploaded a large PowerPoint presentation file on Google Drive that contains a few dozen slides but the executive summary, or the slide that has all the key points, lies somewhere in the middle of the presentation.

Here’s a simple tip on how to create a hyperlink such that people, who may be in a hurry, can skip all the previous slides presentation and jump directly to the executive summary slide without having to click the forward button ‘n’ number of times.

Open your presentation in Google Slides and copy the slide URL:

Now replace /edit in the URL with present?slide=id.p# where # is the number of slide that you wish to link to. So if you wish to directly link to the 21st slide, your direct link would be:

This trick may however not work if you are link to the last slide as in this example.

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