How to Get Free Ubuntu CDs and DVDs in India

How to Get Free Ubuntu CDs and DVDs in India Ubuntu is probably the most popular Linux distro that’s now also bundled with some Dell Computers.

To get Ubuntu in India, you can either download the 700 MB installer from Ubuntu official website or, if you are on a slow Internet, Ubuntu will ship the installer CD to your home for free.

To request a free Ubuntu CD, just create a Launchpad account and the CD will be in your mailbox in a week or two.

Other than Ubuntu, you can also ask for pressed copies of Kubuntu, and Edubuntu CDs free of charge. Unfortunately, Ubuntu DVDs, that have some extra software, can only be procured from Amazon store which are not shipping to India yet.

These are Live Ubuntu CDs meaning you can even use Ubuntu without installing them on your Windows computer. Just pop the Ubuntu CD into your computer, and reboot – Ubuntu will run from the CD.

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