How to Dark Mode in Corel DRAW

How to Dark Mode in Corel DRAW Here is an easy way to dark mode in Corel Draw. In this tutorial, you can change the appearance of the CorelDraw application to the dark mode or commonly called dark mode. This method can be applied in Corel Draw application version X8, 2017 (19), 2018 (20), 2019 (21), or newer versions.

The dark mode feature can now be found in almost all computer programs and also in smartphone applications. Starting from Instagram, Youtube, Microsoft Office, and other applications have provided a choice of dark mode themes and now you can also feel the dark mode theme in Corel DRAW.

The dark mode in Corel Draw seems to be only for Corel Draw version X8 or newer. If you are still using the Corel Draw application version X4, X5, X6, X7 or even the older version. You should consider switching to or upgrading to a newer version, at least CorelDraw X8.

How to Dark Mode in Corel Draw

  1. Open Menu >Tools
  2. then select >Options (the settings window will open)
  3. On the left menu select >Appearance
  4. On the right, please change the Theme to >Dark or >Black (choose on your convenience)
  5. When finished selecting the appropriate theme, please click the button >OK

Dark mode in Corel Draw is very easy to apply. And you can also restore the theme settings to their original settings in the same way. We recommend that you try one by one the themes offered, who knows you will be more comfortable with the settings that are dark or even remain in the light.

Custom Theme

Besides choosing available themes such as light, dark, black, etc. You can also specify the theme color settings as desired. Please find the right combination for you to work with by setting options in the Window border-color column and the Desktop color just below the theme column.

After choosing the color of the theme, please click the OK button as above. If it’s not right, you can continue to change in the same settings menu.

Hopefully, this article about how to dark mode in Corel Draw is useful. If you have questions, please save in the comments below. Stay a wise user! #beWiseUser!

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