How to Check the Internet Ping Speed ​​at Specific Server

How to Check the Internet Ping Speed ​​at Specific Server

The following is how to check the internet ping speed on a particular server. This way you will be able to find out how to check the respond ping on the server that you will be using. Ping quality is as important as internet speed or bandwidth on a network.

How to check the internet ping speed is usually used to assess how long a connection gets a reply/response from the server being used. The higher the ping value, the longer your computer or smartphone will get a response from the server, and vice versa.

This ping information is generally used for real-time activities by several people on the same server. For example in online games involving many players, the ping value is very important to determine how much delay you will get when playing online games.

 What is Internet Ping?

Ping is the response time of your internet connection, how fast you get a response after you send a signal to a server. The faster the ping value, the faster you get a response. The value of a ping is measured in units of milliseconds (ms).

For example, in online games that involve many players such as PUBGFortniteCSGODotaFormula 1ACC, etc. The smaller the ping value obtained, the better the response obtained, there is no delay.

If your ping value is too big (long) then you will feel the delay when playing online and of course it will harm you as a player.

Not only for online games, but the ping value is also very important for any online activity that requires real-time accuracy. Another example can be seen in the sale and purchase of shares or foreign exchange (forex) where the timeliness of buying will greatly affect the results obtained.

How to Check the Internet Ping Speed ​​at Specific Server

For example, I will check the internet ping speed that I am currently using on the global server of Formula 1 racing games in the United Kingdom. To be able to enter the global competition, the organizers set a maximum ping value of 150 ms.

In addition, the organizer also tells which server will be used later for the final round selection, namely the server at the U.K. named “Bradford”. For example, in practice, please replace the “Bradford” server with the server you are referring to.

  1. Open one of the internet speed testing website (speed test checker), for example, I use the website
  2. Click writing >Change server under the server column used
  3. Please search and select the server you want to use via the search field. For example, I will use the “Bradford” server according to the instructions of the F1 Esport competition organizer
  4. After the server is selected, please proceed by pressing the large >GO button
  5. Wait a few moments until the results of Ping, Download, and Upload come out
  6. Record the ping value that appears in the network test results for comparison
  7. Please do at least 3 tests to improve the accuracy of the test results.

Not sure which Server to choose?

To find out which server to look for, usually every application or game always tells the name or location of the server they are using (like the F1 game above with the server name “Bradford”). If you don’t know the exact name, try searching by region or country.

If you want to know the Southeast Asian servers, please use the keyword “Singapore” because most Southeast Asian servers are located in Singapore. Please type the name of the country or region in question, for example, written Southeast Asia, or South America, Japan, or the name of the company such as Telkom, XL, etc.

Try to try on several servers located in the same place to see the results of the average ping from the region. By checking the internet ping speed first you will get an initial picture of the quality of the connection you will get when using it later.

Internet speed makes no difference

For matters of quality or speed of PING internet on certain servers, it is not influenced by internet speed. So even though your internet speed is high it doesn’t really help the result on internet ping speed.

In the test results above, it turns out that the internet that I use does not qualify for the race on a global server. With the result of 200 ms and the maximum specified is 150 ms, then it automatically does not qualify.

Although the download speeds (20 Mbps) and uploads (5 Mbps) are more than enough, they cannot cover the weaknesses in the PING response. Even if forced, I will get a lot of delays during the game.

Hopefully, this article on how to check internet ping speed on a particular server is useful. If you have questions, please save in the comments below. Stay a wise user! #beWiseUser

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