how to do skin smoothing in photoshop cc | Skin Smoothing Photoshop | Awesome photoshop retouching in 2021

how to do skin smoothing in photoshop cc | Skin Smoothing Photoshop | Awesome photoshop retouching in 2021

skin smoothing in photoshop

In this article we will learn how to do skin smoothing in photoshop cc, everyone love to be looks good and when its comes to photoshop every get exciting to make a good profile pic so, in this article we will see skin smoothing in photoshop with quick tips.

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how to do skin smoothing in photoshop ?

many of the people have the quest in there mind that how it done, how so preety images are looking, and how this skin are so smooth ang glossy, so here i will tell you that its not the real we are creating the skin smoothing in photoshop with this the images and profiles are looking so smoothy.

so before start skin smoothing in photoshop we have to know the basic things that we will need and cover also in the below tutorial and that makes a good editing also.

we are working on the photoshop CC in this skin smoothing in photoshop tutorials in this I have explained the camera filter and spot healing brush tools and at filter of high pass and a blur – gaussian blur and at the last i have done some color correction through the Curve.

In this tutorial you will learn many things, for doing the skin smoothing and for creating the skin texture, but we have to take care of the image also, it should not destroy the textures and more.

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There are many fundaments and the tools are there to create the skin smoothing in photoshop but in this article I have use a very awesome trick to create the skin texture and that makes a fantastic look, so there are many tools with you can create the skin texture but we are using the great technique’s.

Let start ! first of all i have open the image in photoshop and next i have done some adjustments, on it you can see this all in the below video, and next open the image i have done, the retouching with the spot healing brush tool and remove and clean all the pimples. and all the things that dont required.

After cleaning all the image then we have copy the layer by pressing Ctrl + J shortcut key for the copy layer,

the press the Ctrl + I for inverting the image,

then select the blending mode in the layer panel vivid light mode.

next click on the filter and go to last and select high pass on the layer, then select appropriate according to skin for some sharpness.

now applying the high pass then go to again filter and go to blur and choose gaussian blur, and adjust according to need blur, as according to skin requirements choose the strength of blur.

then select the layer and click on mask by pressing alt button. the slowly slowly move the brush as in the video for where you need the skin smoothing,

At last i have used the auto tone and auto contrast after that i have done some adjustment for the curve, so the looks comes great smoothing in photoshop so there are some best things, if you need more things in photoshop you can tell me in the comments.

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in this article i have shared all the things is in the videos for better understand and any problems comes then tell me in comments.

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