How Should You Change Your Twitter Handle

Changing starting with one Twitter ID then onto the next is quite simple.

You open your Twitter account settings, attempt a username that is not taken and in the event that you discover one, hit the Save button.

What happens when you change your Twitter username?

Twitter handles the “username” change pretty shrewdly. It won’t influence your current adherent check, your immediate messages and the old tweets will be protected and you’ll keep on being important for a similar Twitter records as in the past.

What’s the difficult at that point?

Suppose your unique Twitter handle was @badguy that you later changed to @goodguy. Twitter will consequently move your current companions and devotees to the new ID (@goodguy) however the web crawlers will in any case hold your old handle (@badguy) in their file for quite a while.

That implies if individuals are looking for your Twitter account on Google, they may arrive at your old profile page and that will return a 404 as you moved to another false name. Thusly, while changing your Twitter username, quickly hold the bygone one preceding any other person can guarantee it.

Changing Twitter Handles the Right Way

Stage 1: Go to your Twitter account settings and change the username from badguy to goodguy.

Stage 2: Log out of Twitter quickly and make another record (you may utilize a similar email address).

Stage 3: Use badguy as the handle for your new Twitter record and set the profile URL to In the depiction, you can say – “this record has moved, if you don’t mind follow @goodguy all things being equal.” You can even post another tweet with a similar message.

Presently if individuals discover your old Twitter page through web crawlers or through connections on other pages, they can even now discover and follow you on your new profile. For additional stunts, check the Twitter direct.

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