How many years does VFX course require?

 How many years does VFX course require did you this types of questing when selecting the institute for a good carrer and learning, so will dicuss on this that what is the VFX requiement and time period to learn the proper VFX. 

First at the starting you should have to learn the basic of VFX and the proper softwares and tools which are used in the VFX industries, so learn from any institute there is no particular complusary to choose big institute if you cant affort but i will tell you genuie if you are able to pay 4-5 lakh of cource you have to do a carrer start with a good institute. 

there should single VFX you can learn 1 year to 1.5 year or 2 years with hard practice and but i suggest you to choose a package of VFX in this you will learn the proper way of VFX and Digital film makeing concepts also.

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