Go Full-Time With A Small Blog: 5 Monetization Hacks

 Go Full-Time With A Small Blog: 5 Monetization Hacks Here you are learning the monetization ways because every one have motto to earn the money from blogging because it takes more time to become a good blogger..

Go Full-Time With A Small Blog: 5 Monetization Hacks
today we want to share with you five tips for better monetizing small blog now this is important because I would monetize a bigger site differently usually with a bigger site I’m looking at what’s a Membership course how do I do you know get a bunch of email addresses to make info products could I make my own product kind of thing and with a smaller site you don’t have as many people rolling running through the funnel and so you want quicker easier winds that can be done more passively most small sites are going to be monetized primarily through few different things you got some ads you’ve definitely got affiliate products and maybe some lead gen that’s mostly it for smaller sites and so tip number one is to put those affiliate heavy posts in the spot light we can do that yes by making the m prominent on the homepage but most people aren’t even coming to your homepage to be quite frank and so better ways to do that are through a good interlinking strategy so we’re gonna link from a lot of blog posts that are just really informational and then whereat makes sense where it fits in the BlogSpot we’re gonna do a good job of putting a link and then really selling that link to get people to want to go click over to another post that’s more have a heavy affiliate that is opposed to putting a whole bunch of affiliate links everywhere
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which is gonna hurt your SEO and hurt the user experience another way to do this is to take some of the information from those really heavy affiliate posts and bring some of that into your other posts so rather than taking a thousand people came to this page I can get five percent of them to get over to that heavily monetized page and then from there maybe five percent of those people go to Amazon and two percent of those people buy that’s just hard we’ve just cut a lot of people out so what if instead you just take some affiliate heavy posts that are popular and then at the end of a blog post on who the heck knows what that’s related at least you have just one last subheading and then my five products that I love for scuba diving or whatever you’re writing about just at the very end of the blog post and it’s just a link to your five favorite things right there you may get much better click-through rate instead of sending people through that fun what I have seen a lot of people do is they’ve got a really good affiliate heavy post and so they want to send a lot of paid traffic there would actually caution you against that most of the time unless you have some good data that shows that you know for every hundred people that go here Make five dollars like okay that’s actually pretty good so at that point it might be worth it but most of the time you’re gonna spend a heck of a lot more money than you’re gonna make in return for you and so yeah you’ve got to have a post that just destroys that on the income side you know where you’re selling a thousand dollar info product

Go Full-Time With A Small Blog: 5 Monetization Hacks
 that you can target the perfect customer for buying that thing it could make sense but usually you’re gonna lose your shirt yeah absolutely all right number two is coaching services coaching is something that most new bloggers don’t consider and your ally should depending on the topic it doesn’t always make sense but where it does make sense consulting can just be huge people are so glad sometimes to have someone that they can go to for an answer right now if there were a consulting service for fixing 3d printer like you’re having a problem with your 3dprinter you just Skype me and I’ll showy how to oh my money I’m frustrated with that thing and there’s so many other things like that that I would love to work with the human that I could just quickly schedule a call Skype 30 minutes and I would be glad to pay you to fix my problem and notice I didn’t list that as one of kind of the main monetization sources for new blogs it’s because most of the time people don’t think about that because they’re like who would buy coaching or consulting service from menthe reality is that the people on your website most of them are very transactional but a few of them may be actual fans they may start to really like your content and a few more of them may have a really big pain point like Jim right here and they just need someone that they can call and get some help from and so it honestly is a really good opportunity to little small mom for what you could do you’re just an awesome elk hunter you get your elk every yearbook know you could do an e scouting review where people are saying hey I’m gonna I’m planning to hunt here on the map and you spend half an hour yeah you’re gonna want to go to this area and do these things I’d be pretty awesome there’s so many things that Would love to get help for but I just don’t know how to find the guy or the gal for to do so consulting and coaching services review services are great the next one is to get a little bit more creative with lead-gen and affiliate and by that what I mean is like you don’t have to just come up with products that are on the nose I can’t tell you how many articles there are like best credit cards for college students right but iffy have a website that’s about college 
Go Full-Time With A Small Blog: 5 Monetization Hacks

and you have some content that’s just good tips for college students maybe even in a specific area like throwing in good affiliate link or a legion link to a credit card men that may that may do extremely well and then you’re not competing in Google for those really high competition search terms there are a lot of great affiliate programs out there that may fit your industry really well but may not be like right on the nose for an article that you can compete for if you notice attend as we’re going through this list is it’s we’re trying to get you into the higher dollar stuff yeah like it’s just hard it’s just a slog when you have   site they can pain you’re making$2.00 off every 100th person that you sent to Amazon it’s like oh that’s just painful right and so when you can do a consulting service where you make 50bucks in one shot like suddenly I’ve only got to sell a couple handfuls of these and I’m making real money you know if all these ideas are about getting tithe higher dollar stuff and the next one is no different so virtual summits and flash deals can be awesome they can also be cool opportunities furious to work with other bloggers who are kind of at your same or a little bit higher level in your industry so let’s say I was making a site about interior design I could go to the guy who has a YouTube channel about you know color theory and choosing perfect colors for your homes somebody who’s an interior decorator somebody who’s a home builder etc. and say hey everybody prepare an awesome presentation we’ll all send this out to our audiences and then on this Saturday we’re going to have virtual summit where people can log on they all pay $50 and they can watch all of our different presentations and then we could even sell recordings of those classes later on long term so a virtual summit can be great also a flash deal do the same thing get bunch of people with info products in your industry everybody contributes some kind of digital product and then you all blow it out to your audiences now you’ve you now have a connection to a lot of people in your industry that’s really valuable and you’re utilizing a lot of audiences to build yours and exactly and that’s the and that’s another key point here is that all of these other audiences now they all know about young they all have I mean you’re a part of what it was that they purchased and so they’re more likely to come back you actually grow your audience sub stantiala legitimate link building it’s called outreach and industry participation the last one is to focus on what we call teethe ninety percent tasks the things that are actually going to make a difference

Go Full-Time With A Small Blog: 5 Monetization Hacks
in your business and for bloggers andyoutubers that in almost every case is content creation press the publish button yep so easy to get distracted with stuff I’ve got a bunch of contention my website now let’s just focus on making more money from it optimizing it and looking through your Google Analytics and seeing if we can freshen up the side a bit and stuff right and it’s like you if you notice you go through appearance like oh shoot I’ve been working and thinking about my site constantly my spouse is I’ve driven hermits because all I talk about is this blog but I’m spending two hours thinking about my site for every one hour that I’m actually moving the needle and pressing public yeah it happens toll of us so this is gonna feel like shameless plug but it liked legit in the book work energy you talked about your experience with improve photography.com[Music]icing your business right coming up with new products to sell coming out with new things and like the business starts to decline and why it’s because you lose traffic because you’re not creating new content all the timeyeah that is where like 10% of the work gives 90% of the resultyou could spend literally hours a day on optimizations just won’t move the needle that’s really what I think the value of our course project 24 is yeah you’regonna learn a ton of new stuff you’regonna learn a ton of secret sauce and specific ways that we do things and silver bullets that just fix problems for you you’re gonna get a lot of that but if I were to say like oh the one thing that reason that I see are bored we have a map out there that’s just full of pins of people that are earning a hundred a thousand full time income from project 24 the reason it’s working for people is because you are so on trapped it’s like step one do this step two do this you waste no time you don’t have Togo reinvent the wheel every time outwent to try something new on your site it’s a specific step-by-step of what to do so if you want to check it out our courses at income school comma slash project 24 and it’s a step-by-step course in addition to our podcasts that we do every week that goes out to our members tools like ah kobo or new affiliate plugin there’s so much in project 24 all for one price

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