Find the Right Spectacle Frame for your Face

If you curious to know the style of eyeglasses that will best suit your face shape, try out Frame Finder – it’s an tool where you can virtually try out various spectacle frames and sun glasses online.

To use Frame Finder, you need to upload an image of your face, that oddly needs to be 700+ pixels wide, and then provide various other inputs – location of the nose, location of the eyeballs and shape of the face.

You can then start experimenting with the various designer spectacle frames, and if you really like it, even buy one. You may limit your search to rimless frames or those made of a particular material from plastic to metal.

Frame Finder provides model numbers of all branded frames like Ray Ban, Giorgio Armani, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Guess, etc. so you can easily locate the same spectacle frame at the local store.

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