Did You want Corel Draw Basic of 2018 ? Basic interface of corel draw 2018 by artistogram

Did You want Corel Draw Basic of 2018 ? Basic interface of corel draw 2018

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01 Create New Artboard 
Click new artboard at the top side

02 Give File Name
change size which you want 
resolution and many more things.
Now the files is new open
03 There is the Tools which we will use to create the design
there are many tools we will learn in detail in next post 
04 Page layout here you can change the layout , size and dimeshion according to your need

05 There are the some option related to document like print, open file , import file , expert file , export pdf or preview As full screen 

06 there is the menu bar there are the all the tools and setting avaliable for related to design or the softwares useage. 
07 here are the properties present which tool we have selected and we are working on the tools and the document that present in use 
08 Down side there is scroll bar to scroll the document anf the file 
09 Here we get to types of color Fill 
      (1) is fill color in object 
      (2) is to fill the broder or the stroke 
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