Paytm for Business app launched: Here you will know it every features.

Paytm for business app launched to use online transaction for purchase or daily utility, it has enhanced more with paytm app. The paytm for business app classified in various categories for different type of transaction for business or house hold. Paytm has stared and lauched the Paytm Business app for shopkeepers and small and large … Read more

15 Javascript codes you will always need

  Shuffle an Array Shuffling an array is super easy with sort and random methods. const shuffleArray = (arr) => arr.sort(() => 0.5 – Math.random());console.log(shuffleArray([1, 2, 3, 4]));// Result: [ 1, 4, 3, 2 ] Check if Date is Valid Use the following snippet to check if a given date is valid or not. const isDateValid = (…val) => … Read more

15 Books Everyone Should Read At Least Once

 Have you ever tried to pick your next read and felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices? With approximately 130 million books in the world and more and more coming out every day, it is increasingly difficult to decide what to read next. While some people read habitually and for pleasure, others might not … Read more

How to Make $100 Per Day Using Free Google Images

 do you want to make money online by using free Google images? If you answered yes, you’ll enjoy this article. There are numerous ways to make money online, but each requires a unique set of skills. The trick I’m about to show you today requires no skills or experience, but it can earn you $100 … Read more

I will design a business card with 4 creative ideas with stationery

I will design a business card with 4 creative ideas with stationery About This Gig Looking to create a business card, stationery, creative business card, or anything print-related stationery? This is the right gig to purchase.   Customer satisfaction is of great necessity and we don’t stop till we hit 100% satisfaction. We envision exceeding … Read more