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With our cutting-edge collection of the best free Blogger templates, you can start your online project in little to no time and free responsive blogger templates , for createing your professional blog for more traffice and attaractive 

Responsive Web configuration is the need of today. I don’t have to clarify you what it is, still on the off chance that you don’t think about that, take as much time as is needed to peruse here.

Features of viral go responsive blogger template

  • Mobile friendly
  • SEO friendly
  • AdSense support
  • 2 Column
  • Mid header
  • Share button
  • Search box
  • Footer widget
  • Top navigation
  • Page numbered
  • Lite base colour
  • Sticky navigation
  • Footer navigation
  • Back to top button
  • Blog optimization
  • Responsive friendly

You can introduce in a single tick and it gets set up in any site without hardly lifting a finger. 

Furthermore, this site looks proficient. 

You can alter the manual of this format effectively by going into the design and you can change the name of the manubar and furthermore include menu bar. 

With this, the structure has been done so that individuals can utilize it without any problem. 
Presently the thing is, in what capacity will you download it and where will you download it? 
So let me disclose to you how individuals will download it. 
To download this day, you need to go to its official site, 
at exactly that point you can download it. Snap here to go to the official site Go to authentic website or download viral go..!

Responsive Blogger Template — Click hear

When you reach the official site, you will get three options on the right side,
1- Live demo
2- Download for free
3- Buy option
Before installing this theme, See the
live demo click here
Let me show you the screenshot.

Free Viral Go Responsive blogger template download in 2020So guys,Free Viral Go Responsive blogger template download in 2020

This need is paying little mind to what stages we use to distribute on web. Be it a CMS programming, be it a blog administration like Blogger, responsive plan is something that may build your span to the individuals utilizing various gadgets to surf the web. 

In spite of the fact that Blogger gives answers for keep up your span to the versatile clients, however it isn’t as adaptable as RWD. Be that as it may, there are people who have been making responsive formats for Blogger stage too, and this is the gather together of such incredible commitments. 

In this way, let me present to you this handpicked assortment of responsive Blogger layouts that satisfy the need of practically numerous types and specialties of web journals.

  1. 7seas

    Cool, modern masonry-based magazine layout, but the animated banner on the homepage steals the show.
  2. Rapidly

    This could be a multipurpose template for a culture, community, government, education or politics based blog. Styled in a typical magazine manner on a responsive design.
  3. Magnifique

    A superbly done minimalist design with beautiful typography, colors and spacing. Perfect for personal blogs.
  1. Beautiful Skin

    Beautiful magazine-style template that seems perfect for a health blog. Carries a green color theme, featured post slider, 4-column footer, and most importantly, its responsive in browser behavior.
  2. Soloris

    Slick, neat and clean responsive template with a cool news ticker in the top navigation, a simple content slider above the post index on the homepage.
  3. Tagged

    Black header, blue theme color, with the white colored content area that may be cool for all kinds of blogs that feature tech stuff. The template is responsive.
  4. The Restaurant

    We’ve already featured a separate collection for resort-restaurant templates, but this one look way cooler than those. Its actually a regular responsive magazine template, but the color theme makes it fit for the restaurant blog.
  5. Munchy

    Good-looking 3-column magazine template with an attractive arrangement of posts. It also has a unique animated post carousel on the homepage.
    Demo Download
  6. TechMash

    3-column responsive template, as obvious from its name, suits well to the technology blogs.
  7. Forever

    Minimalist, responsive, clean ‐ carries a big featured content slider in the middle on top of the post index.
  1. Sora Craft

    Clean, simple, and responsive template with a modern attire.
  2. Top Tech

    Another 3-column responsive magazine with a white-grayish color theme ‐ fit for blogs in the tech niche.
  3. Education Mag

    As the name suggests, best fit for academic and education blogs. Carries responsive design, full-page-width content slider on the homepage.
  1. Imagine

    White-on-black color theme makes it look cool for blogs that feature geeky stuff, lifestyle-lifehacks kind of stories.
  2. Just Blue

    Regular template with classic colors and boxy content layout, may work well for your personal blog, geek or tech stuff.
  3. Flats

    Seems like the designer wants to convey the Flat UI with the word “Flats”. White & orange over tangy blue looks good.
  4. Fantasy

    Yet another regular but spacy, neat and clean template for Blogger.
  5. Zero

    Follows some already mentioned templates, this one is slightly different in positioning of columns (sidebars) and contrast (gray).
  6. Deco

    With a classic color combo, this will look good on home-decor blogs.
  7. Architect

    This seems to be a sister of Decor template, which may be good for architecture blogs.
  8. WPEX

    Reminds me of the popular website, this one has neat & nice, spacy, and minimalist design.
  9. Phone World

    Probably the gadget or mobile phone blogs would like to use this typical magazine.
  10. Journal

    Another typical magazine template with white on gray. Best for news, tech, gadgets etc.
  11. Health Zone

    Health zone is the best fit for health and wellness blogs.
  12. Modern Blog

    Seems experimental, but you may like it if you want to implement a modern-looking design.
  13. Videolog

    A nice responsive template for video bloggers.
  14. Colored

    Good use of white-space and colors, best for personal diaries, motivational, spiritual blogs.
  15. Angelo

    Multipurpose template.
  16. Vetro

    Bold layout, but little less vibrant than it could be. Still useful if you liked the combination.
  17. Scopic

    A Timeline-based layout for Blogger nicely done with red, white and gray colors.
  18. Folify

    Best fit for your portfolio cum blog.
  19. Adapt

    Nice and clean masonry multipurpose layout.
  20. Braxton

    Seems little clumsy at first, but you may like it to use on your cinema, celebs, entertainment blog.
  21. Simple Snipe

    This one has bold and nice typography with uniquely done post meta info floating on the right side of every post in the index. Multipurpose template.
  22. Accord

    Use it as a portfolio, collection blog, or a gallery ‐ as you wish.
  23. Queen

    Whitewashed minimalist portfolio template to show case your work.
  24. Lovely Portfolio

    Another one that can make your portfolio more attractive.
  25. CSS Heaven

    Old-school design, equal height square boxes with thumbnails and post summaries. Can also be utilized as a work showcase.
  26. Downtown

    Best for company blog or portfolio.
  27. Extreme Surfing

    Multipurpose minimalist template.
  28. Newspress

    Simple template with a traditional blog layout, can be useful on news blogs.
  29. Zikazev Blue

    Simple and minimal template with blue color theme.
  30. Mag Day

    Modern day magazine, with bold colors and animated content rotators.
  31. Chattels Blog

    Little old school in terms of looks, but you may use it if you want a semi-retro old classical look on the blog.
  32. Gordon

    Black & white template with a minimalist design. Looks good on personal blogs.
  1. Galauness

    Another nice template to showcase your work for portfolio purpose.
  2. Modern Mag

    That mega slider makes Modern mag special. Can be best utilized on celebs and entertainment blogs.
  3. Folio360

    Portfolio template with modern design.
  4. Singl

    Awesomely done with bold typography and minimal design. Writers gonna like this template.
  5. Delivery Lite

    Neat one with 3 columns and a sky-blue theme, can be used as a multipurpose template.
  6. SEO Mag

    Whitewashed template with a splash of red with a regular blog layout. Don’t really know why the author has called it SEO mag, as it carries all general features as with other templates.
  7. Weblog Mag

    Multipurpose template that carries gray theme with a unique content carousel.
  8. Magfolio

    A unique layout with a vertical navigation on the left side and a 2-column grid for post index. Perfect for tech, lifestyle, personal blogs.
  9. Frau

    Frau has pink as the leading theme color, so it may work for fashion blogs or for those who like pink.
  10. Typefocus

    A template with some nice typographical work, may look good on a personal, history or culture blog.
  11. ShotMag

    This one is a cool, minimalist magazine done right for blogs that serve news, tech, misc, geeky stuff etc.
  12. Leponto Mag

    Leponto mag will look great on tech or company blogs. It has that simplicity that makes blogs look authentic.
  13. Easy News

    A neat little magazine template for news blogs.
  14. Alyeska

    White-gray over dark blue portfolio template with animated carousel / slider.
  15. Moments

    Modern 3-column layout, beautiful color combos. Will look good on personal as well as geek and tech blogs.
  16. Sorbet

    Bold colors and typography, spacy and neat. Suits well to tech, misc, personal blogs.

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