Convert Excel data to HTML Table

Here’s a comparison of various options that let you convert Excel spreadsheets into HTML tables for embedding the tabular data into websites. You can choose between Excel Online (part of Microsoft Office Live), Google Spreadsheets or even static HTML. 1. Excel Online This table is embedded through an Excel spreadsheet hosted on OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive). You can copy-paste …

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Online Google Dictionary

You probably know about the define: operator in Google that helps you find the definition of a word or an entire phrase from various online sources – see example.  Google’s dictionary service supports translation as well Well, that’s one way to lookup definitions on Google. They also maintain a multilingual dictionary search page at where you can not only …

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Most Popular Google Subdomains

Following is a list of 40 most popular subdomains of in terms of unique visitors. If traffic is any measure of popularity, this chart definitely provides some good hints about the relative popularity of various Google services. For instance, Google Answers service is no longer active but the archive Q&A’s continue to get more traffic …

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