Add Your Current Location to Gmail Signatures Automatically

Gmail users who travel frequently will simply love this. You can now instruct Gmail to automatically add your current geographic location to all your outgoing email messages so that recipients get to know where you are at the moment.

Gmail takes the IP address of the computer from where you are sending that email and uses it to determine the city / state / country from where you are writing that email.

How to Add Location in Gmail email Signatures

Step 1: Enable the Location in Signature module from the Lab Settings of your Gmail / Google Apps of Gmail.

Step 2: Open the Setting tab of Gmail and select the check box that says “Append your location to the signature”.

That’s it. Here how the signature would look like on the recipients computer. So instead of saying “Sent from iPhone” or “Sent from BlackBerry”, your email signatures could now says “Sent from New Delhi using iPhone” or something similar.(see update)

City detection based on IP addresses may not be 100% accurate but you can always modify the detected value before sending the email.

Marco Bonechi, the Google engineer who coded the Location module from Gmail, recommends using the location module with Google Gears for more accurate location detection since it uses wi-fi access point signals to recognize your current location.

Update: Gmail location signature is not available on mobile phone based browsers (like Opera Mini for BlackBerry) so you can’t have custom signatures for emails sent through mobile phones even if you use the regular Gmail interface.

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