A New Logo for Indian CAs – An Initiative in Brand Building

The members of the CA profession will now adorn a new look with the launch of a new logo by ICAI on July 1 (Chartered Accountant’s Day).

The new logo has been artistically designed and reflects the profession’s current beliefs, attitudes and values. It is modern, colourful and dynamic. It consists of letters “CA” with a tick mark upside down inside a rounded rectangle.

The letters “CA” are in blue, the corporate colour which not only stand out on any background but also denotes creativity, innovativeness, knowledge, integrity, trust, stability and depth. The upside down tick mark, typically used by chartered accountants, has been included to symbolize the wisdom and value of the profession. The green colour in the tick mark symbolizes growth, harmony, prosperity and freshness.

CA India Logo The New Logo for Indian Chartered Accountants

The symbol will fulfill the long felt need to have a symbol of CA profession in India. It is simple enough to be immediately recognized by viewers. A lot of change will be seen by members over the next few months as each of the profession’s programs, products and services will adopt the new look.

The ICAI members would be allowed to use this logo in their visiting cards, letter-heads, envelopes and as stickers on cars. This follows a similar initiative of the institute where it had allowed its members to prefix the letters ‘CA’ before their names, similar to what doctors do.

ICAI has also launched a free co-branded credit card with ICICI Bank for the benefit of its members. A certain percentage of the amount spent on the card would go towards the chartered accountants benevolent fund.

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