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5 Niche Sites That Will Totally Fail

5 Niche Sites That Will Totally Fail I decided I’m going to reinforce some blogger stereotypes today so I woke up with Bed Head and I’m just going to embrace it today you know we are talking about five blogger types that will totally fail
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 I have been doing a whole bunch of niche site consultations for those of you who’ve purchased niche sites cool and thank you by the way I’m so exciting to see so many blogs taking off and getting going on the right foot but a couple people asked like what are some things you can do to make sure your site is successful like what have we seen that works well for people and what doesn’t and so let’s talk about them this is number one I was researching and found another blog is already doing the same thing as me and when I see this in an email I think oh no it’s totally understandable if it’s your first website but what usually is behind this when I see this in an email is somebody is lacking confidence in their ability to beat somebody else to make website that’s better and really go after something and that really can hold you back as a blogger
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 because there is no good niche that does not have any website on it or any content on it some are more competitive than others but every niche has competition I’ve just a couple weeks ago Ricky and Bought dirt bike planet.comused to be called dirt bike tips and picks and we kind of changed it to  dirt bike planet not at all the very first dirt biking website out there there are lots of other blogs but we felt like the competition was something we could very easily take on very low competition in that niche and so we’re going after it and you know I have website in the photography space megahit’s a lot more competitive I have younker if you’re in if you’re in photography fitness personal finance Had yeah the recipes whew those are very difficult niches to break into today iffy started several years go you’re probably fine but starting those today not something
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I would probably do because they are very competitive but just going out and seeing another website that has the same content same type of content as you seem kind of odd thing that they’re going fort’s just not a big deal at all there are millions of websites across the internet and you’re just going to do things a little bit different you’re going to write on some keywords that they won’t find you’re going to do things that they won’t do have products that they won’t have and your smart person you can do this so don’t be afraid if you find it number two Actually have another idea for a site that I’m working on this is the one that most concerns me when somebody says that you know they send about as their niche they get started they work and it’s fine to have tons of ideas that start flying but once you decide on your niche you got to follow it through tithe ends many times you know two three weeks into niche site school it’s a 60 day program
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to build your blog you know two or three weeks then somebody says I’m not so sure I actually thought of another one and so I think I might actually pivot to that and I always send them the same email I say hey you knowhow can do that but after years of working with people on their blogs I can say that if you do this your site is going to fail you can only work on onsite at a time when it’s in that infant stage right now I’m working on that’s what I’m working on now I have lots of other websites that I’ve already built to success and so Indeed to maintain those and do projects on those as well but one new site at time until it’s successful once it’s successful you start another that’s one benefit that Ricky and I have that I can be working on one site and he can be working on another right now Ricky is just barely getting started
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on cabin freedom calm and I’m working on dirt bike planet calm and we’re going to work on those sites until they’re successful and then we can go do the next thigh and so if that’s youths is you I’m pleading with you go into your Blue host account right now and delete them every site except your one site that you’re working to build up once that site is successful and has an income fine go start another passive income source great I collect them like Pokémon cards but as in until your website is successful one side of the time alright here’s the next one want my site to be like a community for oh I wouldn’t do this and I wouldn’t do this and the reason I wouldn’t do this is because social media is absolutely killing the blogging industry and if you waste your time omit I promise it’s going to hold your website back sometimes years evidence of this is improve photography and I’m really grateful for the social media following and everything that improved photography has become I’m proud of it I’m glad for it but I started that website eight years ago and so if I were starting today I would do it very differently you know
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we have over a million people that follow me on social media for photography it’s incredible I’m really grateful for that but guess what percentage of the traffic to improve photography comes from Facebook less than 2 percent less than 2 percent of the traffic and so if spend 50 percent of my day going on there commenting on things and linking the things and stuff I’m working 50percent of my time on 2 percent of the traffic and so I’m ignoring most of the people who are who are going there tithe website so what I would suggest today do not build a community not with niche site if you’re trying to building a community it is not by definition niche site or a passive site at least this is an active site that you’re building and that’s not we want to we want to build passive income there’s nothing wrong with an authority site Think it has its place but what we’re talking about what niche site school is about is snitch website so don’t start a Facebook page don’t start a Twitter etc. the only ones that I think could be with your worth your time are YouTube and Pinterest those could be worth your time and they do send good traffic and sales to a website alright I’m just not sure enough people are interested in and thesis one we’ve been getting a lot of questions on since we did our video on the keyword tools video how we don’t use any keyword tools other than just plain old Google but another that
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I found is kind of cool it’s called answer the public’s comma toucan go there and I just type dirt bike and it gives me a whole bunch of questions that people have asked about dirt bike and so that can help me find ideas to do further research on but the problem here is trying to estimate search volume none of the tools do this accurately or even close to accurately and so what we found is somebody’s using keyword research tool and they say Don’t know how I even did that um they you know goes they search a why do outwear kneepads and dirt biking and they say oh this only has you know five searches a month that people do and so they don’t write the article and they miss a really good opportunity or the opposite they say oh this keyword looks awesome and it brings nothing what Found works best is just use your intuition if it seems like a reasonable query a reasonable question that somebody’s asking then go ahead and write the article let’s say that article only brings 500 people a month or 100people a month to your website it’s kind of a small article only 100 people month are going to click on this even if you’re number one on Google well whatnot know if it brings a hundred people month for five years that’s 6,000 people that came to your website from 40minutes of work 6,000 people came to
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the door and have the potential of earning you money now that’s awesome good so definitely write this don’t worry about the search volume if it seems like a reasonable query that somebody would Google this writing all right I’ve written seven product reviews this week this is somebody that’s overeager to suck out money from the website and so they write tons of product reviews they have tons of links to Amazon everywhere just littering this website with Amazon links and if you do that if one it just feels spam my to people that come to your website they won’t trust what you’re saying and it won’t feel like valuable content so they’re going to bounce and they’re going to go back to Google which is assigned to Google that this wasn’t great quality content it looks very spam my to Google when you have that many links and so we like to have a balance one-thirty your posts are just answering people’s questions that they have on the web one third are kind of a shareable big pillar content like how to or how to write a dirt bike and Ride this 4,000 word post about like how the clutch works whether to use the handbrake or the foot brake and what pads you need like how to get into dirt biking just like a big pillar
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post or something very shareable like a 21 best tips for going faster at the dirt bike track so pillar pulse and then only third of the content should really be earning the money this is like 15 things you’re going to need to buy after getting your first dirt bike you’re going to need to buy all these pads you’re going to need to buy it at spark arrestor or whatever else you’re going to need to get and so those are money those are posts that really are targeted toward earning money from people and sending them to Amazon so Icon get my commission and usually what I’ll do is in those two thirds that are the big pillar post and just answering people’s tiny questions I’ll MIT I’ll link to those other articles so bring them in the door just answering the question and then I say I’ll mention these are my favorite dirt biking products they go to that post they find value they go to Amazon and I get commission from that that’s it those are the five blogger types that I believe will really hold your back and keep your website from succeeding if you’re ready to get started with your website go check out niche site school on income school comma so 60-day program where we walk you step-by-step eggs exactly what we do to build our niche sites and build them into successful passive income streams thanks everybody for your support and we’ll see you onsite cool
 5 Niche Sites That Will Totally Fail in that you know how to select the topic which we take take the time and research a good topic for your niche

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