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Does a website needs a lot of money or software to be made?

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Does a website needs a lot of money or software to be made?

Does a website needs a lot of money or software to be made?
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Does a website needs a lot of money or software to be made or what is requirment, then yes you will get the complete details what you need and what we can do in cheep things, if you cant affort.

Basic requirment of website

There are basic requirement of website, first you have a good name domain and hosting, but if you want to create a blog the i suggest the best one is the blogger and wordpress, this both are the best in blog website and if you self design and codeing then you can use a proper hosting.

The first you have to deside the domain and hosting or the blogger which one you are useing, for this you can check the youtube or my article which one is best for the blog.

if you want to go at cheep blog then you can use the blogger and want to go advance you can use the wordpress, that both are the best in there requirment

Difference between wordpress and Blogger

There are not so much difference in both the blog, just you have to understand the basic fundamentals of both, in the blogger there is a simple HTML script that you can use to design the theme of your blog and that is free for use you can make a good theme or you can use the online available themes

The wordpress if kind difference from the blogger, the wordpress needs the theme and plugin manegment for the blog, its just the costomizing proper way and good looking site, i personally useing the wordpress because it a quite good.

Types of website

The types of website depends on what is your requrment in the particluar field, because there are several options for the different website that make a proper look and design for the site.

first i will tell the understand the basic requirment of your site that is the most important things to understand, because in this you can use costom templates, codeing site, wordpress theme, plugin to design.

Types of Domain

There are many types of domain that you will see in the market of website so use the proper domain also like .com , .in, .org Etc that are the main domain extension that is most complusary that you have to a proper name domain that required most, so first take a look on the particular domains also.

When you selecting the domain you should have to select the name of you domain related to you site, and that will give a best experience to your costomers, but you have take a remembring the best to people they dont forget the domain.

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