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How to Make a Tiny Site Appear Authoritative

How to Make a Tiny Site Appear Authoritative google recently released an update were in some niches they’re giving more preference to sites with more authority and where the authors have more authority and expertise for example
How to Make a Tiny Site Appear Authoritative 
if you’re in the medical or wellness niche you’re probably going to rank better if you’re a doctor that can be really tough to compete with if you’re not a doctor when you’re in the early days of your website it can feel like nobody’s coming nobody’s reading your content it’s like writing to a ghost town it’s like you’re in Silver City Idaho and there’s nobody around but you how are you supposed to compete with that kind of authority if you’re not a doctor how are you supposed to compete with a financial advisor in financial niche if you’re not financial advisor with certifications and credentials that can feel so overwhelming but we have the answers right here and it’s actually a lot simpler than you think we need some experienced Authority and Trust Google uses the acronym EA to eat we need to build that on our websites especially if you’re in a really sensitive niche likeyou mentioned in the intro but really in lot more things
How to Make a Tiny Site Appear Authoritative 

I think this is just a direction that Google is going you know if you’re writing about a pets niche younker if it’s about the health of the niche you know I can see that they would give preference to a veterinarian or some type of content there but you’re not that and we want to show you some ways that you can easily do it probably the most simple way to get Authority to get that eat on your website even if you aren’t that person already is to just chat up the expert so there are million different ways that you could do this but let’s say I wanted to write post on the ATV laws in all 50 states you know I want to do what are the laws about ATVs in Idaho Utah everywhere that’s gonna take forever researching laws and trying to do everything and what do I know about ATV laws in Illinois it’s gonna be hard to get that right but what if I just spent like an hour and I just found the email address for one a TV shop in all 50states and then I wrote an email and Just said hey I’d like to write an article on my site and I’d like to give you a link as the expert about Illinoisatvs and I just found all the companies that sell it and I just send them a questionnaire do you have to have helmet on do you have to register your TV where can you go ride that kind of thing just have a sample questionnaire and then
How to Make a Tiny Site Appear Authoritative 

you just BAM BCC everybody and send out the email and you could get amazing content for an article like that do it very quickly and now you can have somebody that is authoritative you write your article and say hey I consulted with somebody who knows more about Arvin the state than probably anybody else and this is what they gave me on how to legally ride ATVs where you are borrow authority that’s right another great example is let’s say that you want to get into a niche of a certain pet but maybe it’s a pet you don’t actually know lot about maybe you’ve never owned the pet how are you supposed to have Authority in that and how are you supposed to write with authority which is an important part well you can start by chatting up the expert well my wife and I wanted to go get pet fish it was kind of a like let’s go get fish today kind of thing we’re at the store we see fish tanks and we’re like hey why don’t why don’t we do that and then we thought-out know there will be a better selection of fish and tanks and everything if we just go to a pet stores we go to the pet store and we’re like all right person that works at the pet store in the fish department what do we need to do what do we need to know so that we can set up a fish tank and not kill all of our fish well I’ll have Yousef up the tank and all no pretending
How to Make a Tiny Site Appear Authoritative 

we don’t know anything because we don’t shoe says yeah go get your tank here’s all the things you need to do and then younger to wait a week why do we need to wait a week well because and he explains what it’s going to do to the water and all the chemicals you put into it and how it’s going to DE chlorinate it and make it magical for fish to live in butte didn’t know that we would have just put fish in the tank and kill them all we got so much information in about 20minutes by chatting up the expert and when we went home we knew exactly we want to do to set up our tank and we successfully had fish for many months before any of them died now we didn’t use this to make a website but the same process applies go to somebody who’s inexpert in the niche and just learn everything you can learn that a beginner needs to know about that niche from the expert so that you can write with more authority yeah and this is I mean critical if we’re talking about any kind of medical information especially younker let’s say you’re making a parenting website and you’d write like to write you know can kids take ibuprofen or something like that for a blog post well Google’s gonna be really careful because they trust a topic like this too and you say but I’m not a pediatrician Can’t do it I give up but if you just got
How to Make a Tiny Site Appear Authoritative 
the expert you can have all the authority that Google was asking us to get the best people this is my favorite tip for getting Authority the best people for this are people who have written books because people have written books love to talk about themselves and really want to publicize their book and so can you imagine if Yehuda your hit list of articles and house okay these ones are flagged as kind of medical content and so I’m gonna go find a pediatrician who’s written a book about raising kids and I’m going to send them a questionnaire on these and then in every article it starts right out of the gate make it super clear like thesis the information that a pediatrician gave and I emailed it to them to get their approval afterward like this is quality information from a pediatrician and you’re really just summarizing just bringing together that information so don’t roll over and cry every time there’s a Google update that makes us seem like oh I could never catch up we just have to figure out how we’re gonna provide better information to our users our readers of our sites it makes Google happy it makes our users happy and it makes your content harder to beat by the next blog absolutely so you’ve asked the expert you’ve got great expert advice now what you can do is go join community now we talked about this in our last video as part of this series sago watch that video for great detail but you can get fantastic expert content from practitioners in whatever your niche
How to Make a Tiny Site Appear Authoritative 
 is by just going and joining Facebook group or a reedit forum and getting information posting polls getting whatever expert information toucan from other people who have expertise in your niche yeah it’s so much easier to work this way by joining communities borrowing expertise than just going to earn it yourself I mean yeah you could go speak at a couple conferences in your industry and usually that’s not as hard as you think but just by being in part of the industry you’re gonna know more and understand more to provide better information but one of the best ways to give perceived authority on your website and sometimes that perceived authority is better than actual authority is by working on the design of your site Think this is really important when young to a website that feels like a cheap cruddy site it looks bad the design feels dated it feels like the images are really homemade and just not like authentic is good but not cruddy at the same time it just immediately makes you mistrust the information that you’re getting you know if I’m googling what medication to give my daughter who’s sick and I go to some random looking cruddy website I’m scared about the content even though I really shouldn’t that’s the design that
How to Make a Tiny Site Appear Authoritative 
I’m looking at but people do judge blogs by their cover and so get a good design we’re working on a redesign right now of our niche websites you can go to dirt bike planet right now and check out kind of a new design that we’re rolling out slowly across all of our sites we want them to look clean professional and easy to navigate one thing about design of website pick a good theme stick with it don’t go crazy on it but also in the first little bit when you’re writing your very first articles don’t worry about design yet it’s gonna be so much easier to figure out how your website should look after you have some articles and some images on your website before that it’s kind of tough to see how it’s actually going to look when you’re writing your first 10articles or so there’s nobody coming to your website it’s okay by the time youngest to about 10 or 15 articles there’s enough content go fix up the design and then write the rest of your content get the design just right during the ghost-town period of your website and it will make a big difference thanks for joining us on this three-part series about writing sorry thanks for joining us in this three-part series about the ghost town phase of your website we have dedicated years and lot of effort to learning the best methods just like this be flying right on my head we’ve dedicated years to learning the best ways to what just got income school

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How to Make a Tiny Site Appear Authoritative
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